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Why has no one heard about BLUE AMBER before? One of the reasons why Dominican Amber and Blue Amber in particular are not as well known as other types of Amber is because the valuable nature of it was never quite apparent to the population in this part of the "New" World. And the most important reason is: There is only very little of it found, which makes it an extremely rare and very exclusive gem material.

Dominican Amber and mainly BLUE Dominican Amber remained elusive and a collector secret for a long time.Would you like to learn more about it? Please enjoy surfing our site and all the other links on this informative web site about Blue Amber. Welcome to a newly discovered secret!

Blue amber is not known to everyone.

Beginning of the century, Ambarazul, LLC stated to promote Blue Amber on the Internet. Since then it has become a craze in some Far East countries and a rare gemstone in the rest of the world.  Ambarazul, LLC is not the only exporter anymore, but the one who has most experience in exporting it. Your will find no better partner for this business.

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